Feng Shui and Shoes

It’s Shoe Show week here in Manhattan! That means that all the various retail establishments are shopping the shoe market looking for next year’s styles.

For those of you unfamiliar with the wonderful world of retail, merchandise is often purchased a year in advance – allowing time for production, a bit of price haggling and shipment and set up. It may seem like a long time, but it isn’t really given all the factors involved in each shoe we wear – from concept and design to sale and implementation there are lots of folks involved in each step of the process.

To honor the Shoe Show and my love of shoes, I am sharing an adaptation of an article I wrote for the – I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Feng Shui and Shoes

Do you love shoes? I think most women do. Shoes serve many purposes. We have different styles for different outfits, different times of year and they add a bit of panache to our attire. But the main purpose – the original reason for shoes is to protect our feet from the elements. (If you’ve ever run across hot sand and thought your feet were going to burn off – you know what I’m talking about! A pair of flip flops would have protected your feet from the heat.)

What’s Feng Shui got to do with shoes? Everything! Feng Shui is about comfort, balance and harmony. When you wear a pair of uncomfortable shoes, all your attention is on how your feet feel, they become a distraction and all you can think about is when you’ll be able to take them off. And when you wear a pair of comfortable shoes it’s as though they aren’t there, you don’t even notice them. They simply support you, no matter what you’re doing. Perfect Feng Shui shoe!

How do you choose shoes? Do you choose your shoes solely for comfort? Do you choose your shoes based on your outfits? Or do you choose your shoes based on fashion and the latest trends?

Each one of the shoes below shares the same purpose, to cover and protect your feet from the elements. But that’s where the similarity ends. Each of the images below are from my personal collection, (except one, can you guess which one?) :-)

Feng Shui comfort shoe #1:
Athletic shoes are both supportive and comfortable, a good Feng Shui shoe!

Feng Shui comfort shoe #2:
The second pair is also supportive and comfortable though not necessarily as attractive!

Feng Shui comfort shoe #3:
Comfortable shoes can also be attractive, stylish shoes!

Feng Shui comfort shoe #4, seasonal style
Comfortable, practical, stylish and seasonal, a Feng Shui multi-tasker!

Heels can be stylish, comfortable and safe.
This shoe covers and protects your feet from the elements,
and it has a bit of style and a heel.
They’re probably not as comfortable as the other choices.

Feng Shui fashion faux-pas
And the last pair may protect your feet from the elements but they are definitely not comfortable or safe. Walking in these puts you at risk of hurting your feet and back and possibly falling.

When our shoes don’t fit or they aren’t comfortable we hobble about, teetering in our shoes while trying to walk safely. We slip out of alignment. We waste our energy.

Energy isn’t just something we use to fuel our cars and heat our houses. Energy is the vibrant pulse of the earth; the feeling of the wind rushing by you on it’s way to the trees, the warmth of the sun beating down upon your forehead. Energy is all these things.

Energy is what we use to run our bodies. When we are comfortable in our surroundings, our furnishings, our clothes and shoes, we have more energy. When we aren’t comfortable part of our energy is spent in seeking balance and comfort.

Have you ever heard the saying, ‘If the shoe fits, wear it?’ Well, when you incorporate balance and harmony into your life, if the shoe doesn’t fit comfortably you don’t try to wear it.

It sounds simple doesn’t it?

If you pay attention to what feels good, you’ll be comfortable, you’ll be safe, you’ll be in alignment. You’ll be living a Feng Shui Lifestyle.

You’ll honor your energy and focus on comfort, safety and living securely…balance is just around the bend! (Or in the next shoe!)

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  1. vishal says

    Hi,I’m a 38yr old male residing in johannesburg,South Africa and would love to know more about feng shui shoes and more specefically,running and casual type shoes and where it can be bought.Please advise.

    Kind Regards

    • admin says

      I’m so sorry. The article is about how shoes, when comfortable and safe, align with some of the basic principles of feng shui. It is not meant as an endorsement or recommendation for one specific type of shoe.

  2. Kiara says

    Spot on with this write-up, I seriously believe this site
    needs a lot more attention. I’ll probably be returning to see more, thanks for the information!

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