Feng Shui, Mirrors and Bedrooms

Mirrors in bedrooms have a bad reputation in Feng Shui. There are many different reasons for this, some make sense and others seem to be iterations of something someone may have said at one time and over the course of years, the meaning has been lost.

One of the most common reasons or misperceptions mirrors in the bedroom are discouraged is that it is believed that should you wake during the night, seeing yourself in the mirror may startle or scare you.

I don’t know about you, but the last thing I expect when I wake up at night is to startle myself with my reflection!

Let’s take this premise back to fact. The inherent energy of a mirror expands, enlarges and energizes a space. Mirrors are often used in design and decorating to make a room appear larger, to reflect a beautiful view, to bounce more light into a room, and to make a challenging wall ‘disappear’. (When a large mirror is placed on a wall it gives the sense of expansive openness, which makes the offending wall seem less obtrusive.)



We are best served when our bedrooms are quiet havens of peace, relaxation and comfort. Sleep is supported when the energy in a bedroom is quiet, relaxing and calm. Having a large mirror or mirrors in your bedroom will, by the very nature of a mirror itself, bring the energy up, enlarging and expanding the space visually and energetically.  The energy of large mirrors is simply counterintuitive to a good nights sleep.

If you find sleep elusive, take a look around your bedroom and if you have any large mirrors or mirrored closet doors consider removing and replacing them. If this isn’t an option, a simple solution for mirrored closet doors is to simply treat them like windows. Hang curtains and close the curtains at night. This simple change will create a quiet, relaxing haven and you just may find sleep arrives after all.

Check out my video below!

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  1. Adilia Douglas says

    Very helpful article Laurie. I removed any mirrors from my bedroom on the beleive that was bad feng shui. If you allow me I do have a question about what to do with beams in your bedroom or other places in the house. I would be most grateful for an answer from you.

    • says

      Beams, due to the sheer size and weight of them, create strong downward flowing energy. This can be disruptive to the comfort of those beneath it. There are several options for alleviating this, a few are: paint the beam the same color as the ceiling – this will visually lift the energy of the beam, another is to soften the edges of the beam by sanding down the edge (makes it a bit rounder, less of a 90 degree angle), of course often the easiest of all is to simply position the seating or sleeping furniture so that they are not directly under the beams.
      Hope that helps!

  2. julie throne says

    Hi laurie,
    I am staying in a room that has a large mirror on a dresser. It s a rented room and I am not at liberty to remove it. Should I just cover it with a cloth?

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