Secret Sauce Sells Home

Secret Sauce Sells Homes

Selling a home can be a bittersweet moment. On the one hand it’s exciting to begin the next phase of our lives. On the other, we’ve had so many wonderful experiences and times in our current home we may feel a little sad to leave the relationship behind. And if […] Read more »

Surviving The Storm

I am often asked, after a major storm, if there is a feng shui cure someone can put into place to protect them from the raging effects of the world and weather systems around them. Of course, there is no ‘cure’ to prevent us from experiencing whatever the world has […] Read more »

Lifestyle Feng Shui Tips and Space Clearing for the new year

To celebrate the new year, I decided to create my first video! Join me as I share 3 powerful Lifestyle Feng Shui tips to help you change the quality of your life this year. I hope you enjoy it! SPACE CLEARING FOR THE NEW YEAR A good time to space […] Read more »

The Full Moon, an Eclipse and Lifestyle Feng Shui™

Last night was a once in a lifetime experience. It was a night of magical connections, energy surges and the power of affirmation. The full moon and winter solstice fell on the same day as a full lunar eclipse – it’s been over 450 years since that last happened! Being […] Read more »