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Have You Been Thinking About Making Changes In Your Life

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Creating a life and business you love means looking honestly at what's working and what isn't working within your life, your way of working and in most cases, your living environment.

It's not about having enough money or not having enough money, or following the latest trend or guru. It's about understanding until you change, your quality of life is going to remain the way it is.

It's about understanding the biggest rule of all is there really are no rules, except to embrace with confidence, who you are, what's important to you and what makes your heart sing.

I believe that we are all profoundly affected by the environments we inhabit; our words, our thoughts and our actions combine to influence how we experience the world around us. When we align WHO we are with what we do and take the time to consciously create supportive living environments, limitation, frustration and fear disappear!

Isn't that an amazing thing? Just by changing the way we think and the environments we inhabit, we have the power to improve the quality of our lives!

Change your thinking
Change your surroundings
Transform your life

Designing our lives is one of the few creative ventures where we can and should borrow from our life experiences, the experiences of others, books we've read, classes or workshops we've taken and the expert advise of the pro's we've had the honor of learning from.

It's about understanding that sometimes taking stuff our is as important as what you put in - this is true whether you're designing your home or shifting your thoughts and beliefs. Translation is never literal, it evolves and shifts just as you do, always ready for a new way of being.

Your life design is uniquely yours. Be inspired by your choices and the opportunities around you.

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For me, change is a constant and this year I've made LOTS of changes! And now I feel like ME again and I am deeply grateful.

There's been a lot going on in my life lately that's motivated me to shift gears, realign and embrace a new motto:

  1. Major cross country move.
  2. Realigning WHAT I do and HOW I do it to create more balance in my life.
  3. Complete redesign. I’ve spent a lot of time creating a way of sharing me with you. Everything from posts about life, biz and feng shui to my fav recipes, decorating tips and everyday SOULutions to help make our lives just a little bit better.
  4. I’ve been working on a complete website remodel as well as a revamp of my services. And I am TOTALLY PSYCHED about the results!

My new motto is all about SIMPLE LIVING and GRATITUDE. Which is about living true to WHO you are and WHAT’S important to you – not what others want or think you should be. This is all ABOUT YOU embracing YOU joyfully, gratefully and most of all lovingly. With the holiday season approaching, gratitude seemed like a natural place to start our conversation.

So let’s talk about GRATITUDE.




I know, you’ve probably already seen quite a few articles about gratitude and you may be thinking that you got it and you’re over it. (I've noticed a lot of vids floating around social media with a bit of a negative twist on the gratitude game) I'd like to spin the gratitude dial just a little bit.

Practicing gratitude isn’t about filling out a daily gratitude journal (though if that helps you, by all means keep on doing it), and it’s not about slipping into denial of your feelings by insisting there’s a silver lining in every cloud - or even worse denying that you’re angry or hurt or disappointed or just damn crabby! 

Are you grateful when someone lies about you? Or your relationship ends? Or when someone steals from you? Hell no, you aren’t! Gratitude isn’t something you can put on auto-respond whenever life throws a challenge your way. And if we're really being honest, when life throws a $h#t storm your way, the last thing you probably feel is gratitude!

For me, GRATITUDE IS A PLACE I GET TO after I work through wherever I am. What am I talking about? I’m talking about giving yourself permission to openly and honestly feel whatever it is you’re feeling. Don’t try to gloss over how you’re feeling and make it sparkly and pretty. If all isn’t well in your world and you’re in pain - dig in and feel the pain.

Denying, avoiding or redirecting your pain and hurt isn’t going to heal the situation. The only way to healing is through the experience and that means FEELING IT! (Affirmations can help redirect your thoughts and energy, and while that's helpful, they can’t solve the problem and they can’t heal you - you have to do that part yourself.)

To clarify, I’m not talking about wallowing in it. And I’m not talking about trying to hurt someone back, teach them a lesson, trash talking them or revenge. I”m talking about letting yourself feel however you feel, if you need to rant, rant. Yell into a pillow. Stomp around. Go for a run. Be hurt, be angry, be where it’s not pretty. Wear yourself out feeling your pain and then release it. The key here lies in the release. Maybe release comes in a few hours or maybe it comes in a few days. Don’t let the situation become all consuming and never ending - that’s toxic and a far worse situation. Having said that, only you can decide when you’re done. (And trust me, if you're still complaining or dwelling on the situation, you're not 'done' yet!)

GRATITUDE ISN'T A PLATITUDE. It's something we work toward, something we aspire to and the process of working toward gratitude will move you through the muck, anger and bitterness to a place of appreciation for life experiences and gratitude for all you’ve learned and accomplished.

Join me and authentically embrace WHO you are (yes, I'm talking about the good, the bad and the ugly), and HOW you feel...and then shift gears away from reaction and move into action. Get proactive about WHO you feel you are at your best and move toward it.

This year, gratitude is my thing. And I am deeply grateful to have you here, sharing my journey with me.


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