Secret Sauce Sells Home

Secret Sauce Sells Homes

Selling a home can be a bittersweet moment. On the one hand it’s exciting to begin the next phase of our lives. On the other, we’ve had so many wonderful experiences and times in our current home we may feel a little sad to leave the relationship behind. And if […] Read more »

Lifestyle Feng Shui Tips for the New Year or Anytime

X-Ray lightbulb with sparkling 2014 digits inside

Have you ever made a change in your home using feng shui? Did it work? If not, you may not have had the information you need to activate your changes. Feng shui isn’t about the ‘stuff’, it’s about the ‘energy’. And that means that in addition to whatever change or […] Read more »

The Bagua Series – Children and Creativity

The Bagua Map - creativity

Do you consider yourself creative? Ooh, wait, let me ask that a different way – do you consider yourself a creator? Being a creator means that you embrace what life has given you, experience, knowledge, skills, challenges and you use it to your advantage. Using what’s gone before as a […] Read more »